About Princess

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Hey there!

I’m Amy, and I am the founder of this website. Thanks for giving it a visit! Please take the time to read through our posts and make yourself feel at home.

I am a mom of three young boys. In many senses of the phrase, I am a princess among superheroes. I made this website as a way to share stories and advice from one mother to another. Sometimes I find that it is difficult to find support from other mothers. We are all going through the same thing, but sometimes it seems like we are too busy to even help each other out! So here I am, trying to lend a helping hand.

I never thought that one day I’d be a mom. I had a great career going for myself and was even making more money than my husband was. When our first child was born, I still didn’t feel ready to be a mom. I had my husband stay at home and take care of the baby while I kept working. I thought that being a mom meant that I would have to give up being a strong independent female. However, I slowly realized all of the glories of motherhood. I decided to take a smaller job and work from home. Now I am running around keeping everything in the balance.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Thanks again for visiting the site, and I hope you stay awhile!



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